In this Episode - the latest in our 'Meet the Board' series - Guy Swarbrick talks to John Timms about his Alfa history, his role as Finance Director, the challenges of Covid-19 and his thoughts on the coming year and beyond.

January 3, 2021

Episode 22 - Mystery Guest

The Alfa Romeo Driver podcast team have something a little different for you this week. Who will be in the spotlight in this Episode? Model Registrar? Section committee member? Magazine contributor? Or all of the above? 

Alfa Romeo Driver Editor Guy Swarbrick discusses the Club's recent Club of the Year win in the Classic and Sportscar magazine awards - as well as National Alfa Day 2021, some of the new benefits available to members and the forthcoming Virtual Racing Championships with Club Chairman John Griffiths, Club Manager Nick Wright and Board Member David Faithful. 

Guy Swarbrick has scoured the podiverse and uncovered 28 Formula One, motorsport and automotive websites to keep you entertained through to the New Year. From professional, 'official' podcasts to enthusiastic amateurs, there's something here for everybody to listen to over the festive period.

It's fair to say that one of the criticisms often levelled at Alfa Romeo dealers is the lack of passion and knowledge of some of the dealer sales people – but that’s certainly not true of the subject of this week's interview. We'd heard so many good things about Saber Ali of Research Garage in Nuneaton that we just had to get him on the podcast. A 4C owner and an active member of the East Midlands Section, he breathes, sleeps and – as he tells Editor Guy Swarbrick – dreams Alfa Romeo.

Guy Swarbrick sits down with Club Chairman John Griffiths, Scuderia MiTo team principal David Faithful and Club Manager Nick Wright to talk about mergers, finances, auctions, motorsport, Club activities - virtual and otherwise - and a host of other topics.  

In this Episode, Guy Swarbrick meets Ian Brookfield - Alfasud Registrar, proprietor of SudShop and owner of no fewer than 57 Alfasuds (although not all at the same time!).

In the second part of his conversation with Editor Guy Swarbrick, Johnathan Griffin talks about his racing career  and the work he's doing with the Board to develop the Club's Geographic Sections.

In the first part of a two part Episode, Guy Swarbrick talks to AROC Board member Jonathan Griffin about 105s, Alfasuds he's owned - and about this year's Southern Alfa Day. Part 2 will explore Jonathan's role on the board and his racing career. 

Damien Dally joins Chairman John Griffiths, Club Manager Nick Wright, Board Member David Faithful and Editor Guy Swarbrick around the virtual round table to talk about his Alfa Romeo life and the future of the marque. 

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